Sunday, January 3, 2010

F-177 Before next flight

Experimental F-117 with servos on the wing and additional side strips (in red) to protect servos.

F-117 New style of push rods

This is the new mod of the elevon mechanism. Flying will be interesting.
It consists of an aluminum tube, clevis and a Z-bend on the wire

F-117 Crash on maiden flight

The plane did the nose dive because there was not enough up elevator movement. As the plane started turning, it sank and i could not bring the nose up. Here you see the modifications: servos on the outside of the main body and new push rods that allow more movement up and down.
Will try to fly again ....

Working on foamy extra

Foam core Extra. Will it fly?

F-117 adding electronics

All electronics are now installed.
The plane is very tail heavy.
I placed the 3300 mAmp battery in the nose to get the right CG.
It is time to make this thing fly.
Thanks Lawrence for the parts!

F-117 adding a heli motor

The mount is a bit too heavy but we will see if this motor keeps the plane in the air.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

F-117 almost done

Most of the foam parts are installed